Our modern plumbing solutions applied to the age-old problem of damaged pipes have resulted in net-gains for the industry; lower associated costs and time. 

Our pipe repair products can be used for a wide range of applications, including for the transportation of water and air. While our sleeves are most commonly used for the repair of sewer pipes post-trenchless pipe replacement, we also offer products for gas mains and pressure pipes.

In addition to the no-dig repair pipe repair products we supply, we offer a theoretical and hands-on training program to teach field superintendents and CCTV truck operators skills in pipe damage identification, site and sleeve preparation, sleeve installation and quality control procedures for pre- and post-installation. Training is provided by our experienced personnel to help workers adapt to using no-dig repair technology following trenchless sewer line replacement.

While we offer a diverse range of products for the repair of pipes in any type of underground infrastructure, we are particularly adept at manufacturing technology for sewer line repair. Here are three common types of sewer pipe damage that our products have been used for.

Trenchless repair methods are ideal for damaged underground pipe systems. In order to benefit from them, a system must undergo trenchless pipe replacement.