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After 20 years of working as a municipal engineer, Lembit Maimets founded LINK-PIPE Inc. in 1980.

By 1980, the relining method of no dig sewer repair was starting to be adopted and used around the world. By that time it was already known that most un-reinforced sewer pipes were only locally damaged except those that were chemically eroded. Maimets had found that the damage in most un-reinforced pipes did not exceed 6% of the pipe length if the sample exceeded 1 mile (1.5km).

Changing pipes that were for the most part perfectly preserved was a costly and inefficient solution that overloaded budgets. By repairing only those parts of the pipe that were damaged, Maimets estimated that more than 50% of money could be saved and used for other purposes. Based on this observation, Maimets designed the first Spot Repair sleeve and called it LINK-PIPE™.


The first patent of Link-Pipe spot repair sleeve was registered in the United States by Maimets in 1978 and sales began in 1980. This event established Link-Pipe as the first commercially available spot repair technology in the world, and consequently set it on a path to becoming a world leader in no dig sewer repair.

Subsequent patents have been obtained for the repair sleeves known as SNAP-LOCK™ (applied in October 31, 1988), followed by GROUTING SLEEVE™, Gas Sealer™, etc.

By the end of 2009, 53 patents were issued or applied for by Maimets and licensed to Link-Pipe Inc. or its affiliated companies.

LINK-PIPE is renouned for its no dig pipe repair services, and is a registered trademark of Link-Pipe Inc. in Canada. LINK-PIPE is a registered trademark and is a trademark of Link-Pipe Inc. in the United States.

Dia-Meter™, Gas Sealer™, Hydro-Seal™, Grouting Sleeve™, Link-Pipe PVC™, Pressure-Seal™, Sewer Sealer™ and Sewer Sealer VD™ are trademarks of Link-Pipe Inc. Grouting Sleeve™ is protected by US Patent No. 5,351,720, Canadian Patent No. 2,131,291. Gas Sealer™ is protected by US Patent No. 6,138,718.

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Mission statement


Our mission is to manufacture and market reliable and practical technologies for no dig sewer repair and other underground infrastructure systems including water mains, industrial, steam and gas supply structures.

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