Repair Applications / Pressure Pipes

The pressure seal is one of our no dig sewer line repair solutions that can be used for sealing pump mandrels, siphons, pipes subjected to internal pressure, and for sealing exfiltration.

It is designed for spot repair in sealing joints, transfers cracks and holes. We designed our Pressure Seal™ to seal pressure pipe with ultimate pressure up to 150 psi. (10 bar). For higher pressures, Link-Pipe can accomodate and design according to your needs and the pipe's condition.

Standard Link-Pipe's Pressure Seal™ is made of stainless steel expandable cover covered with sealing material. Sleeves are equipped with Ratchet Locking mechanism to accomodate dimensional tolerances of the host pipe up to +/- 1/2".  Pressure Seal™ is designed for sealing pressure pipes and it is uniquely suitable for old cast iron mains that have unpredictable variations in manufacturing tolerances, -roundness and -joint offsets to which the sleeve will conform.