Throughout the years, Link-Pipe has delivered a consistent outstanding service and high quality no dig pipe repair solutions to its customers. Some of our customers have written to us about their experiences. The number of testimonials we get encourages us to continue improving our products and services.

Here is what a few of our many satisfied customers say about our products and outstanding installation performance.



PO Box 1562. Houston, Texas 77251-1562

RE: Link-Pipe Grouting Sleeve™

December 13, 1997

This is to inform you that the Department's Standard Wastewater Products Committee (SWPC) has recommended "carte-blanche" approval for the above referenced product. Effective this date, I am upholding the Committee's recommendation and granting said approval.

Please be advised that this approval allows your product to be quoted on projects which have yet to bid as of this date. However, it may not be quoted on those projects which have bid on, or before, this date.

Should you have any questions, or desire additional information, please contact the Committee's Chariman, Mr. Gary N. Oradat, P.E. at (713) 754-0884. Thank you for your interest in the City of Houston.



Richard C. Scott, P.E.

City Engineer / Technical Director 

Department of Public Works and Engineering


PO Box 3487. Kent WA 98032-0209.3030S 240 St.

For the past 7 years, we have done sewer rehabilitation projects of approximately $50,000 per year. These projects have consisted of digging up sewer lines to repair problems such as root intrustions or cracked and broken sewer mains. Our average cost per repair on these projects has been $3,500. We are always looking for ways to maximize the amount of repairs accomplished per dollar spent, and have tried products such as epoxy grouting, fiberglass and PVC lines, and pipe bursting with HDPE pipe.

In 1995 we had our first encounter with Link-Pipe sleeves, when we had them installed by a contractor in two cracked 8" sewer mains. We were impressed with the ease of installation, with the mechanical lock, which insures the sleeve will remain in position, and with the expected durability of the stainless (steel) sleeve material.

We were pleased to be offered the oppotunity to purchase the equipment and supplies, so that our crews could install the sleeves. To date we have installed approximately 100 sleeves in 45 locations. Our crew's average 4 sleeves installed per day on 8" line. Our costs per repair average $800, which includes labor and materials.

This product has allowed us the flexibility of installing the sleeves at our convenience, and is proving to be very cost effective. We are pleased with the results, and anticipate continued use of this product in the future.

Walter Crahan / Supervisor of Maintenance


5100 Yonge Street, North York, Ontario M2N 5V7

"The Link-Pipe Sleeves have been installed in the past in North York, with satisfactory performance. In fact we recently inspected a sleeve installed approximately 10 years ago and foudn it to be in excellent condition.

Link-Pipe Sleeves, or equivalent, will continue to be considered as alternatives in the future for spot repair in our sewer rehabilitation programme."

Mario Crognale, P. Eng.,

Director of Water & Sewer Operations


Department of Water and Sewerage Services 1616 Third Ave. North, Nashville, Tennessee 37208-2206

In the past year I have worked with employees of Link-Pipe and U.S. Sewer in the installation of Link-Pipe Grouting Sleeves in a 42" and 30" sanitary sewer and a 24" sleeve in a storm drain for the City of Nashville. The Link-Pipe and U.S. Sewer employees have been very professional in their work. I was impressed in the simplicity of the installation of the sleeves and we had several joint leaks that were sealed in the process. After the work in the 42" sanitary sewer our crew went back about a month later and did T.V. Inspection of the lines that were sealed. The sleeves were holding and the joint leaks were sealed. This is a good product and has a place in a sewer rehab program.

We are presently in the process of forming a crew in house to install the Link-Pipe Sleeves.

Steve Walker / Engineer Tech 3

Ronnie Russell / System Services Assistant Manager.


Operations & Maintenance Division P.O. Box 1469-2406 Snyder Av. Cheyenne, WY 82003-1469

RE: New Technology - Link-Pipe

Recently, the Cheyenne Board of Public Utilities installed several units of "Link Pipe" used as point repairs in the sanitary sewer system.

Three separate mains were previously identified as having major deficiences in the pipe. They were all scheduled for relining at a cost of $183,000.00. Upon Pace Construction's demonstration and training of a Cheyenne BOPU utility crew, it was determined locally that point repairs, using "Link Pipe" would be much more economical than relining or replacing.

Using a tele-video camera to precisely locate the "Link Pipe" segment, repairs were rapidly completed (less than two days), without excavation. Overall, the BOPU realized a savings on these three mains of over $175,000.00.

The installation process is very straightforward and easy to accomplish. Localized point repairs, when grades are proper, are economically repaired without excavation, or high cost of relining. The new technology extends our resources as well as the mains serviceability. As a result, funding can be used in other upgrades where point repair is not feasible.

I highly recommend the new technology to other utilities faced with similar problems. We thank Pace Construction Inc. for introducing us to this new technology.

We look forward in working with your company in the future and unquestionably requisitioning additional "Link Pipe" material in the future.

Chuck Blackburn, Manager

Operations & Maintenance


Seattle District. Corps. of Engineers. P.O. Box 3753 Seattle, Washington

Subject: Outstanding Contractor Performance Evaluation. Contract No. DACA67-95-C-0125, Repair Murray Creek Sewer Line, Ft. Lewis, WA

Serial Letter No. 8

TSR Corporation

P.O. Box 297

Wilsonville, OR 97070

I note with great pleasure that your firm received an outstanding performace evaluation for construction of the referenced contract. Few contractors earn this high evaluation. You rate among the best.

Fort Lewis Area Office rated you outstanding for quality of workmanship, timely performance, effectiveness of management, labor standard complance and safety. In essence, your staff and subcontractors provided a superb product, on time to the customer. I receieved numerous compliments on your work. You can be proud of your accomplishments.

Please convey my appreciation to your entire organization and subcontractors for a job well done. The Area Office asked that I particularly recognize Rose and Mike Loomis, and Mike Bergeron for their fine effort of bringing this project to its successful completion. Your subcontractors, Traffic Control Services, Link- Pipe Inc., and Gelco all provided commendable support and were instrumental in the success of this project.

Thank you for making this project so successful. Good luck with your ongoing and future Government contracts.

Mary J. Higley

Contracting Officer