Repair Applications / Water Mains

For water main repair application, a sleeve called Hydro Seal™ is used. Hydro Seal™ can be applied to: seal joints and breaks, isolate lead in joints and seal holes. 

Installation in a cleaned pipe can be made through opening left by removing valves.

In a built-up city, any excavation through existing surface and underground structures becomes not only very costly, but also very disruptive to social activities. Link-Pipe techology is designed to offer the liberty of choosing most suitable locations for excavated entry if needed and in case of water mains, valve chambers offer excellent predetermined access points. By temporarily removing the valves, necessary access becomes available.


The Use of  Hydro Seal™ Sleeve

Hydro Seal™ provides long-term seal of leaks using mechanically locked stainless steel sleeves and aquatic resin sealers.

  • Seals leaking, separated, misaligned and offset joints
  • Seals pinholes

  Hydro Seal™ Standard Sleeve Consists of:

  • Stainless Steel Core

Sleeves in diameter 4"-24" can also be supplied with Ratchet Locking Mechanism. The Rachet Locking Mechanism was designed for the purpose of creating dimensional compatibility in host pipe.

Old cast iron mains may have unpredictable variations in manufacturing tolerances, roundness and joint offsets to which the sleeve must conform.

Sleeves in diameter 25"-54" come designed with single fixed diameters allowing customization at time of ordering if requested by the customer.

All components of the product have FDA or NSF 61 approval. Customization is available upon request