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You can contact us in several ways. You can reach our professional installers, our sales force, or our headquarters. Our representatives serve Municipal, Institutional, and Industrial clients. For any other inquiries, please contact: 1-905-886-0335 or 1-800-265-5696 (toll free in North America)

27 West Beaver Creek Road
Unit #2
Richmond Hill, Otario

US & Canada: 1-905-886-0335
International: 1-800-265-5696

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Representative Country Phones
Headquarters Canada 1-905-886-0335
Nataliya Hearn, Ph.D. - VP of Corporate Development Canada 1-416-878-3377
Alar Karuks Canada 1-416-386-1858
Melvin Suwarno Canada 1-905-886-0335
Bill Tone - Tone Marketing Florida, USA 1-813-220-1570
Paul Bendel Washington, USA 253-661-0828
Ade Paabo Estonia 372-516-0131
Margus Sõõrumaa Estonia 372-671-0300
Happy Sokol Mexico 1-925-672-7494
Fatih Levent Middle East and neighbourhood area
Company Country Phones
Mountain Pipeline Inspection USA (CA) 530-550-9301
Arrow Pipeline Inc. USA (CA) 760-476-9388
Downstream Services Inc USA (CA) 760-746-2544
Sancon Engineering Inc. USA (CA) 800-726-2664
V.S.R Corporation USA (CO) 303-280-3852
Sewer Viewer Inc USA (FL) 239-267-3344
Wade Coots Co Inc USA (GA) 770-819-0601
Hydro-Klean Inc. USA (IA) 515-283-0500
O. M. Griffith & Co. Inc. USA (MD) 410-490-0765
Advanced Underground Inspection USA (MI) 734-721-0081
Aqua Group LLC USA (MI) 313-309-3304
Inland Waters Pollution Controls Inc. USA (MI) 800-992-9118
Subterranean Inc. USA (MI) 586-948-2180
Capital City Services USA (VA) 804-746-9665
Pipeline Video & Cleaning North Corp. USA (WA) 253-661-0828
C3CO BVBA Belgium 32-478-219-009
Sewer Technologies Inc. Canada 1-905-982-1465
Geotec Boyles Bros. S.A. Chile 562-620-7901
Cemtex / Link-Pipe Egypt 20-2-635-9865
Vaga Tehnika Eesti OÜ Estonia 372-671-0302
Lisoo Agentur HB Sweden 46-8442-7557
Company Country Phones
Sewer Technologies Inc. Canada 1-905-882-4868
Tone Marketing USA 1-813-689-2292
Cemtex / Link-Pipe Egypt 20-2-635-9865
Vaga Tehnika Eesti OÜ Estonia 372-6710-302