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About Us

Link-Pipe Inc. specializes in designing and manufacturing no-dig trenchless pipe repair products.

We strive to provide our customers with reliable and practical technologies for no-dig pipe repair of underground infrastructure systems. We offer repair solutions for sewers and water mains, as well as for industrial, steam and gas supply applications. Over the years, we have steadily introduced a range of trenchless pipe repair devices to the market – devices that are aimed at extending the service life of city sewers and other underground piping infrastructure. 

Link-Pipe is based in Toronto, Canada, and has been serving the global trenchless pipe repair market since 1980. What makes us a unique leader of the no-dig pipe repair industry is our team's engineering capabilities--our engineers respond swiftly to customer requests that arise out of practical project-related needs. We have the knowledge and decades of experience backing our leadership in this industry, and are confident in taking on any project that comes our way.

Mission statement

Our mission is to manufacture and market reliable and practical technologies for no-dig repair of underground infrastructure systems, including water mains and industrial, steam and gas supply structures.

We are committed to providing no-dig pipe repair solutions that are quickly implemented, quality-assured and cost-effective. For more information, please give us a call or fill out the Request for Quote form.


The first patent for the Link-Pipe spot repair sleeve was registered in the United States by Lembit Maimets in 1978; sales began in 1980. This event established Link-Pipe as the supplier of the first commercially-available spot repair technology in the world, and consequently set our company on a path to becoming a world leader in no-dig sewer repair.

Subsequent patents have been obtained for SNAP-LOCK™ repair sleeves (applied in October 31, 1988), GROUTING SLEEVE™ and Gas Sealer™.

By the end of 2009, 53 patents were issued to or applied for by Maimets and licensed to Link-Pipe Inc. or its affiliated companies.

Our company is renowned for its no-dig pipe repair services, and is a registered trademark of Link-Pipe Inc. in Canada and the United States.

Dia-Meter™, Gas Sealer™, Hydro-Seal™, Grouting Sleeve™, Link-Pipe PVC™, Pressure-Seal™, Sewer Sealer™ and Sewer Sealer VD™ are trademarks of Link-Pipe Inc. Grouting Sleeve™ is protected by US Patent No. 5,351,720, Canadian Patent No. 2,131,291. Gas Sealer™ is protected by US Patent No. 6,138,718.

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