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Link-Pipe Inc. was founded by Lembit Maiments in 1980, after he had spent 20 years working as a municipal engineer.

By the time the company was established, the relining method of no-dig sewer repair was starting to be adopted around the world. It was already known that most un-reinforced sewer pipes only experience local damage, except those that have been chemically eroded. Maimets had found that the damage in most un-reinforced pipes did not exceed 6% of the pipe length if the sample exceeded 1 mile (1.5km).

Changing entire pipes that were, for the most part, perfectly preserved was a costly and inefficient solution that overloaded budgets. By repairing only the parts of the pipe that are damaged, Maimets estimated savings of more than 50%, which could be used for other purposes. Based on this observation, Maimets designed the first Spot Repair sleeve and called it LINK-PIPE™.

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