Common Types of Sewer Pipe Damage

While we offer a diverse range of products for the repair of pipes in any type of underground infrastructure, we are particularly adept at manufacturing technology for sewer line repair.


Sewer lines can experience a variety of issues over time—whatever the issue, we can supply the ideal product for effective, long-lasting repair!


Here are three common types of sewer pipe damage that our products can be used for.


Cracks – Cracks are more likely to occur in piping that was manufactured with rigid materials. It is important to address cracks as soon as they are detected, as they could result in a broken pipe or even sewer collapse if allowed to further develop. Both longitudinal and lateral cracks can be repaired using our Grouting Sleeve, Link-Pipe PVC and Sewer Sealer-VD products.


Infiltration – Infiltration is the result of holes or cracks that have widened over time to allow groundwater to infiltrate a sewer system. These cracks and holes may have been caused by loose joints, poor pipe design, improper installation or age-related deterioration. The following products can be used for sewer line repair of infiltration issues: Sewer Sealer, Sewer Sealer-VD and Link-Pipe PVC.


Offsetting – “Offset” is the termed used to describe pipe joints that do not connect properly due to misalignment. This type of pipe damage is usually caused by root intrusion—which clay pipes are especially vulnerable to. Roots are capable of pushing pipes out of alignment as they grow, and the resulting offset disrupts the flow of sewage, leading to sewage back up and seepage. Our Slotted Grouting Sleeve and Link-Pipe PVC products are ideal for repairing offset pipes.


At Link-Pipe, we specialize in designing and manufacturing trenchless pipe repair products suited for a wide range of applications. We have decades of experience innovating pipe repair technology, with the aim of maximizing efficiency and reducing repair costs. Our products can be used to repair sewer lines, water mains, gas mains, culverts, pressure pipes and water wells. Contact us today for no-dig sewer line repair products in the Greater Toronto Area!

It's great that you guys have products that can address multiple types of pipe damage.
Posted by: Anderson | June 18, 2019, 1:35 pm
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