How Does Trenchless Pipe Repair Work?

Trenchless repair methods are the ideal solution for damaged underground pipe systems. 


They are becoming increasingly recognized and preferred to traditional underground pipe repair methods as they don’t involve invasive excavation procedures, and the lengthy landscape repair process required following these procedures. In order to benefit from trenchless repair services, an underground system must undergo trenchless pipe replacement. This will put the appropriate infrastructure in place to allow the use of no-dig pipe repair products. Here are the benefits of trenchless pipe repair, in comparison to traditional pipe repair:


  • Increased speed and efficiency
  • Reduced costs
  • Non-invasive
  • Effective


Trenchless Pipe Repair Mechanisms

Many types of damage incurred by underground pipes are localized at specific points—this happens much more often than damage that occurs along the entire length of a pipe. As such, trenchless pipe repair products are relatively small devices used to mitigate damage at the point where it occurs. Here are some no-dig repair products that can be used after trenchless pipe replacement.


Grouting Sleeve – A sleeve is installed within a pipe to reinforce it wherever there is a crack, hole, misalignment, root blockages or a collapse. Sleeves can be manufactured to have a layer of grout on the outer surface, which hardens upon installation to keep the sleeve permanently in place.


We offer a stainless steel, expandable grouting sleeve for spot repairs. This sleeve comes with either a 50- or 100- year service life, and installation of this sleeve can be performed within 20 minutes. We can also provide sleeves with limit straps to prevent overexpansion during installation in pipes made of brittle materials, such as clay.


Pipe Sealer – A pipe seal is used to repair holes, longitudinal and circumferential cracks and offset joints, and can even be used to replace missing pipes where there is an overlapping gasket. Our products inventory includes our patented Sewer Sealer, which is designed for live installation, without the need for a bypass.


At Link-Pipe, we offer products for trenchless repair of underground piping systems, including sewers, culverts and pressure pipes. Our sleeves, liners and seals can be used in systems that have undergone trenchless pipe replacement, and have been engineered to resolve any type of issue that could impact the functioning of a pipe system. Our pipe repair solutions are made to minimize property damage and maximize efficiency in the repair process. Contact us today for high-quality trenchless pipe repair solutions in the Greater Toronto Area!

Trenchless pipe repair is definitely the future of underground pipe systems!
Posted by: Janice | June 5, 2019, 1:32 pm
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