How Trenchless Pipe Lining Saves Time and Money for Sewer Repair

Traditional plumbing repair methods, especially for sewer repair, are known to be extremely lengthy and expensive projects. The site excavation process can be particularly destructive to the ecosystem and local way of living, and costs mount up when having to replace lengths of pipes even though, in most cases, they only demonstrate localised damage.


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Luckily, thanks to a revolutionary process known as trenchless pipe lining, turnaround times, and costs for sewer repair have been significantly reduced, while also being able to prolong the lifespan of a sewer system’s piping for decades – a substantial improvement over more traditional methods.


How Does All This Work?

Trenchless pipe lining works in tandem with the philosophy of “not throwing the baby out with the bathwater”; substantial portions of a damaged pipe still have the capacity to carry out their function so, rather than being entirely replaced, it is logical to rehabilitate the damages – this is exactly what cured-in-place piping (CIPP) accomplishes.


CIPP, known for its uses in sewer, and chemical piping systems, involves the use of a resin based liner that is inserted inside the damaged pipe from an access point typically located upstream. A repair is deemed successful upon the curing of this resin forming a taut replacement pipe with no joints, and being resistant to corrosion.


What Are the Benefits Involved with This Method?

The protocol involving trenchless pipe lining is inherently non-invasive; exhibiting benefits to almost all involved. For the neighbourhood, less noise pollution will occur; especially important in more rural residential areas where loud noises are particularly noticeable.


From a business standpoint, labour costs are significantly less bloated as unnecessary work is minimised from the schedule; no need for redundant pipe repair involving comprehensive amounts of excavating around the site. This shortened process also means denizens can return to their daily routines due to shorter, and less extravagant interruptions.  


In today’s climate, being environmentally conscious is everyone’s duty – pipe repair is no different. Trenchless pipe lining allows for a more holistic approach to eco-friendly pipe repair, from multiple linings that do not contaminate water to keeping the local vegetation intact.


Using the Right Technologies

At Link-Pipe, our specialty is in trenchless sewer repairs solutions. However, our product applications for underground infrastructures doesn’t end there; for fixes ranging from sewer damages to leaks in gas mains, we’re sure to have the right product depending on your repair application.


Having close to four decades worth of experience in the industry, we’ve managed to patent several of our repair sleeves which set us apart from the pack, and make us proud to be a leader in no dig sewer repair. Have a question about our services and products? Get in touch!

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