Our Trenchless Pipe Repair Training Program

In addition to the no-dig pipe repair products we supply, we offer a training program that incorporates both theoretical and hands-on components.


This program is meant to teach field superintendents and CCTV truck operators skills in pipe damage identification, site and sleeve preparation, sleeve installation and quality control procedures for pre- and post-installation. Training is provided by our experienced personnel to help workers adapt to the use of no-dig pipe repair technology following trenchless sewer line replacement.




Training will cover all aspects of the use of our no-dig pipe repair products, including the following:

  • An overview of the Link-Pipe repair method and products
  • Product components
  • Health and Safety requirements
  • Pipe cleaning requirements
  • Product storage and handling
  • Technical information on handling of equipment such as a flow-through plug, air compressor, air hoses, pressure regulators, etc.
  • Damage identification
  • Handling of critical conditions/situations
  • Demonstration of repair sleeve installation, including positioning, grout application, assembly and insertion of sleeve, plug and CCTV camera and sleeve positioning
  • Post-installation quality control analysis

This training program is an intensive one-day experience, and includes time for questions throughout training and discussion at the end of training. The program also consists of a theoretical test to ensure that attendees thoroughly understand the material and are capable of applying it in practical scenarios. Upon completion of the program, attendees receive a diploma if they have assisted with the installation of at least 20 repair sleeves. Our training program would benefit anyone working in the management of underground infrastructure, as skills in no-dig pipe repair are increasing in the demand with trenchless sewer line replacement becoming more common.


At Link-Pipe, we offer a range of repair products to be used after trenchless sewer line replacement. Our products are patented—they have been designed and engineered to maximize efficiency in the repair process and longevity of the repair. Contact us today for high-quality no-dig pipe repair products in the Greater Toronto Area!

This program sounds amazing!
Posted by: Jurusha | July 3, 2019, 3:28 pm
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